Tips for First time Travel to India

first time india travel

If you are looking for a great first time India travel at a reasonable price, you have come to the right place. Many people think that India is a poor country. So the tours must also be cheap. But the reality is different. There are some things you should consider while choosing the best India tour and to make your first time India travel memorable.

Foreign tourists often tend to compare tours with some low-cost tours. Thinking that they are being scammed. But the reality is different. The cheap tour can be very “cheap” making your travel experience bad.

If you are planning a first time India travel tour, we want you to continue reading, so that you can buy best India tour package. Most of the tourists visit India only single time. So they are not able to distinguish between the good tour and a bad tour. And in many cases, they end up choosing one with the lowest prices. If you understand the value for money, we recommend you to keep reading.

There are four main differences between a good tour and a bad tour:


India has plenty of hotels. But very few good hotels. Indian hotels follow a star rating system. Many hotels have five stars that would not even earn three stars elsewhere. So there are only a few FIVE-star hotels. Though there are many guide books available about hotel ratings, one should not fall for these books. We recommend seeing hotels on websites before taking any decision. There are many websites which show the actual photos of the hotels and comments from guests like TripAdvisor. If your travel client suggests you a hotel which is not mentioned anywhere online, then you should change the client.

In India, the price may not always be the parameter for quality. There are many cases where tourists are charged hefty prices for stinky rooms. You may encounter several issues. Like dirty sheets, single towel for everyone, blocked drain system, non-working refrigerators. But it is not the case every time. There are some delightful heritage hotels that you would love to see again.

There are many hotels in India which were once fortresses or palaces. You get a chance to stay in these fascinating heritage places. And it is one of the most wonderful experiences through the journey of India. Staying in these places can make your first time India travel truly remarkable. Your programme may cost less but you will miss those memorable experiences in the journey.

Indian hotels do not have a standard for facilities. Though there are exceptions with 24-hour room service, health clubs, in-room internet access and WiFi. You will find these facilities in top hotels only.


Choosing the right itinerary can decide your fate in first time India travel. So you need to be extra alert while choosing the right itinerary for yourself.

Simply refuse those itineraries which try to cover as much as possible in less time. You can’t see all of the Delhi in one day. There are itineraries which are impossible to complete without sacrificing the one-time experience. Neophytes generally don’t have the idea of what is possible and what is not. If you are also one of them with no idea of possibilities then not to worry. Just choose those itineraries which are in no hurry. Those who are willing to make your first time India travel experience memorable rather than just making their business.

You can check itineraries on our website. We offer the optimum amount of time. You can travel from place to place and see places comfortably.

If you wish, you should be able to customize your tour. Rather than just choosing between sample itineraries that you do not want.

No matter how great the itinerary looks. The main thing is, it should be followed. There are many companies in India which do not follow their programme completely. They just want your money and complete your tour which may end up in a disaster to you.

Ground Operations

Ground Operations includes basic necessities of a tour. Such as guides, vehicles and other important factors which should be present in a tour.


Usually, all tour companies provide local guides. That means you will get a different guide in every city you travel to. Although you can choose to have a single guide throughout the tour. But it has its own downsides. You have to pay more for a private guide and the guide may not be familiar with the different city as the local guide.

Many companies use unlicensed guides. They lack the fluent English speaking skills, training and the professional experience of the guide. Guides without wearing an emblem are the sign of unlicensed guide. They may be asked to leave the palace. This is inconvenient for tourists as well as embarrassing.


Before picking up any tour package. Make sure to confirm the car. India cars are usually small. People coming from Western countries may not be used to those smaller cars. You better confirm the model, make and age of the car. Tourism cars need special permit licence and insurance. There are some companies which use private vehicles for tourism purpose. If authorities notice these cars, drivers are arrested and tourists are left stranded temporarily. So, cars with proper licence and permits are a must.

One more thing you should be aware of is the hidden cost scam. There are many tour companies which make you believe that their prices are very low. Before taking any decision, ask them to give you a written statement of what they are offering. Which hotel, breakfast, entry fee, toll tax, special transportation etc. Make sure to ask all the details about the tour. Whether they will be using horse carts or jeep to take you around. Last but not the least, what would be the night accommodation of the guide or the driver.


Your whole first time India travel experience depends on the things which happen before the tour. Your company should be responsive and able to answer all your questions. If this is not the case, then you are going to a wrong one.

You can easily judge a company by the way it represents itself. If a company promotes itself as cheap India tour, then chances are high that you end up being in a “cheap” tour. While the company with class and reputation will share reviews from their past customers. And there lies the big difference between those providing the value for money and those who are just collecting money.

The service does not stop after the tour has been sold. Good companies give a detailed itinerary. They also provide local contacts before the journey. Apart from that, a good tour company also gives a 24-hour contact number so that you can contact them in any problem.

We hope you are now ready to choose the best tour guide for your ultimate unforgettable Indian experiences.

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