Best Way to Avoid Mosquitoes in India

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Best Way to Avoid Mosquitoes in India

Mosquitoes are here all over in India, specifically in areas with dense shrubbery, and in the late evenings and early mornings. The day time / afternoons are usually mosquito-free. The same situation in to backwaters, forests and cities also. The best thing is book a good hotel to avoid mosquitoes in India.

Good Hotel rooms are usually free of mosquitoes. In places where there is prevalence of mosquitoes, rooms usually have electric mosquito repellents. Hotel room windows if open to the street or shrubbery, Guests are advised to keep doors and windows closed at sunrise and sunset.

For tourists, We advise simple precautions, which are more than enough. All you need is frequent application of repellent, particularly in the late evenings and if you venture out in the early mornings. Wearing long-sleeved clothing and full-length trousers helps. We often seen tourists in shorts and sleeveless clothing; it’s fine for the daytime.

There is a repellent called Odomos which we use, it works well and is harmless.