Exploring Buddhism with the History of Lord Buddha

Want to explore the Buddhism? No worries! We are here to help you the best places in search of Buddha. Today you can find manifold books and journals reveal some facts on Buddha but nothing can be more effective than the India Budhha tour. We organize this amazing tour, which is completely different from others. We here include all the places to visit where Buddhism reins with the followers and thus you can comprehend the real importance of the religion. Also, India is the birthplace of Buddha and thus you can comprehend all the original facts related his birth and family. Originally, he belonged to a royal family but he was not the one to enjoy the earthly pleasures.

What to explore?

We will explore the city Lumbini. This is the city where the Buddha was born. Coming here you can find how life becomes full of joy and happiness. Buddhism expands through India and Nepal and don’t miss out visiting Kushinagar, which is the death place of Buddha. In this way, you can understand the real meaning of Buddhism spreading all across the country.

Hold Our Hands

Once, you hold our hands we would take you to all those points of interests where Buddha came out with his religion spreading the message of peace. We would give you the ultimate confidence and thus you can start travelling since you know you won’t miss any of the places. You can feel that serenity inside your soul that would help you to comprehend the real meaning of life. You can thus start your life once again knowing that you are moving on the right track.

We arrange a great India Budhha tour including the places carrying the true value of Buddhism. It would give you the ultimate peace and you can purify your soul feeling the ultimate serenity once you start travelling the places with us.


Finally, you can explore how the real beauty of Buddhism brings the true happiness in your life. And we in India by Locals offer the guided tour packages where the local guides would accompany to every point. So, you can discover the history of the place knowing Lord Buddha became the true spiritual personality. We feel proud conducting such tour with the true serenity and thus you can feel great travelling with us. After you complete the tour you can understand how we are different from other places. We incorporate creativity into our tour packages, which become the unique one.

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