Do’s and Dont’s in Taj Mahal

Do’s and Dont’s in Taj Mahal – The Taj Mahal is India’smost visited admired site and stands as a symbol of boundless love. This white marble mausoleum is located at the banks of river Yamuna in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

Thousands of visitors came to visit the magnificent building every day. Here is some Do’s and Don’t for visiting the masterpiece. It is very much crucial to know what to do and not to do for an enjoyable and hassle-free visit.

Do’s at the Taj Mahal

1. Arrive early to avoid the crowd

Early morning is the best time to visit the alluring monument, the Taj Mahal. If you arrive early you will not only beat the crowd but also can explore the Taj at sunrise.

The monument looks breathtaking at the time of sunrise. It glows differently and appears golden at sunrise.

Smart visitors reach early morning to avoid the crowd and to enjoy the alluring sunrise at the universally admired masterpiece.

tips for visiting the taj mahal

Higher professional tour guide

Visitors are advised to hire a professional tour guide to understand the rich history of the Ta.j The knowledgeable and honest guide not only helps you to know the mysterious history but will also help you in getting an appropriate ticket for the Taj. You can hire the best professional and experienced tour guides with India by Locals.

Bring your photo ID

Don’t forget to bring your ID card with you. Keep your voter’s ID card, PAN card or Aadhar card along with you and also a printed confirmation of e-ticket.

Buy an additional ticket to visit Main Mausoleum

If you want to explore the main mausoleum of the marvelous Taj Mahal, then you need to buy an additional ticket of rupees 200 along with a regular ticket of the Taj.

taj mahal night view

Set on the Diana bench

Diana’s bench is right in front of the Taj Maha. This bench is a fascinating point if you want to click some memorable pictures. At Diana’s bench, you can capture the most iconic building the Taj Mahal in the background.

In 1992, Princess Diana of the UK sat and posed on this bench which is in front of the Taj Mahal, then it become popular as the Diana Bench. Each and every single visitor wishes to get a picture on this bench as a memory

Dont’s at the Taj Mahal

Food items and drinks are not allowed

Food items and drinks are not allowed inside the Taj Mahal. One cannot take even fruits and any kind of eatables with them. Sweets and gums are also prohibited inside the monument.

Only Water bottles are allowed inside the Taj Mahal.

tips for visiting the taj mahal

Drone cameras are not allowed

Drone cameras are forbidden inside as well as around the Taj Mahal. If someone is carrying a drone camera, then he will be not allowed inside the Taj Mahal.

Big Bags and books are not allowed inside the Taj

Do not carry any big bags and books with you when you are going to visit the Taj Mahal. Only small bags with essential items are allowed inside the monument.

One cannot take any unnecessary items with him, heavy books also cannot be taken inside the monument. If someone is carrying a big bag, then this would Increase your security check time. Non-essential items are submitted during the security check.  

tips for visiting taj mahal

Photography is prohibited inside the Mausoleum

Photography is forbidden inside the main Mausoleum of the Taj Mahal. Videography is also not allowed inside the mausoleum. Visitors can take beautiful and memorable pictures and make videos outside the Mausoleum.

Don’t make noise inside the Mausoleum

Visitors are not allowed to speak loudly inside the Mausoleum. They are requested to maintain silence inside the mausoleum. So, please visit the appealing mausoleum with patience and silence.

Tripods and Power Banks are not allowed inside the Taj Mahal

Tripods and any type of Power banks are also not allowed inside the Taj Mahal. So, do not bring any type of tripod,  selfie stick, or any type of power bank with you when you are going to visit the Taj Mahal.

No polluting vehicles are allowed within 500 meters of the Taj Mahal

Vehicles are prohibited within a 500 m radius of the Taj Mahal. You cannot take any vehicle which causes air and noise pollution within a 500m radius.

Parking is available for both gates of the Taj Mahal. E-buses, E-rikshaw, and golf carts are easily available to reach the Taj Mahal.

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